The end of One Piece

That one boy who bought the initial release of Shonen Jump magazine on July 19, 1997 and read the first chapter of manga called «One Piece». That one boy who was just nine years old back then and dreamed of being an astrounaut, mangaka, guy who follow animals in wild life and makes documentaries about them, a writer. That one girl that dreamed of escape, friends that could not have been found in school. That old guy who, well, felt happy when he first read the chapter. Or that guy who worked at the cheap restaurant and read the first chapter just because the customer left the magazine on the table. He read it and came to a conclusion – «This dirty restaurant is not what life is about.» finished the leftovers and grabbed a new tommorow. You might have a bad day, bad week, bad year and I really don’t wanna compare problems, but tuning in t to read One Piece on thursday, or sunday mornings that really are more fresh when they start with a good paced One Piece episode – that always comes as a good shelter. Comfort. Some people lost their leg, some people have no food or clear water, some people lost their dog the other day, some people felt just not strong enough when they saw their mother crying, some people just felt alienated in school and their left headphone is dead and they can’t listen to «The Smiths» properly. Problems are ranging from small to big, «stuck in a traffic» and «terrible-frightened i can’t take it anymore», but hey, that is not what we are talking about here. WHEN SOME OF US TURN OLD AND GREY AND I WONT CALL US WEABOOS OR OTAKUS OR PUT ANY LABEL – JUST PEOPLE WHO ENJOYED THIS PIECE OF ART WRITTEN AND DRAWN BY EIICHIRO ODA AND WHEN THIS SHIET RIGHT HERE COMES TO AN END AND WE LITTLE PUNY HUMANS ONCE AGAIN FEEL NOSTALGIC SAD HAPPY HAPPY-SAD AND ALL THAT BUBBLE OF EMOTIONS WE ARE GONNA HUG EACH OTHER AND SAY YO BOY YO GIRL IT HAS BEEN A FANTASTIC RIDE AND THIS MADE ME FEEL GOOD IN A LIFE THAT HAS NOT BEEN THAT GOOD TO ME SOMETIMES THIS HAS BEEN MY FUEL FOR LIFE yo girls and boys, the date is a joke, this whole event is a joke and I am sure you know it, but hey yo, let’s make it happen DATTEBA-oh wait, that is some other shonen show. we are waiting oda we are | 接触 | Privacy | Terms