WAGASHI WORKSHOP in Kyoto 7/2, G&G building 2F, 火曜日, 02. 7月 2019

+Watch an experienced teacher show you how to make wagashi from scratch.
+Make the sweets under expert supervision.
+Taste the confections together with a cup of tea from award-winning Kyoto tea merchant Rishouen. Participants will make enough sweets to sample in class and to take home with them. Recipes in English will also be provided.
1, Macha Daifuku : Glutinous rice cake with bean paste filling. We use microwave. We can make it easily.

2. Waka Ayu : Sweetfish-shaped pancakes

火曜日, 02. 7月 2019, G&G building 2F, WAGASHI WORKSHOP in Kyoto 7/2