WAGASHI WORKSHOP in Kyoto 6/10, G&G building 2F, 月曜日, 10. 6月 2019

+Watch an experienced teacher show you how to make wagashi from scratch.
+Make the sweets under expert supervision.
+Taste the confections together with a cup of tea from award-winning Kyoto tea merchant Rishouen. Participants will make enough sweets to sample in class and to take home with them. Recipes in English will also be provided.
1, Ajisai (Hydrangea)
In Japan, large blue and purple blooms – hydrangea – are a symbol of the rainy season.The recipe below uses a clear kanten jelly called kingyoku kan to create a sweet that conveys a sense of coolness in the humid days.

2. Tessen (Clematis florida)
Tessen, a flower that blooms in early summer, can be recognized by its six white or purple “petals”, which are in fact sepals. 

月曜日, 10. 6月 2019, G&G building 2F, WAGASHI WORKSHOP in Kyoto 6/10