Tsunami and Recovery Tours to Sendai's Coast 6/23 震災を学ぶツアー, Sendai 3/11 Memorial Community Center, 日曜日, 23. 6月 2019

(日本語が下にあります。)What happened on Sendai's coast in 2011 and what is it like today?
Join us for a special tour to Sendai's coast to see it for yourself while hearing from people who experienced the disasters. Visit a school which survived the tsunami and find out how it saved many lives. Walk through the former residential neighborhood to the ocean. Learn about the history and future of Sendai's coastal neighborhoods at the 3/11 Memorial Community Center. [Optional- extra charge] Have a lunch rich in local vegetables at a farm restaurant which reopened in 2015 in the new neighborhood around Arai Station.
=====Meeting Point and Schedule======
MEETING POINT: Arai Subway Station by 9:50AMArai Station in on Sendai City's Tozai Subway Line (furthest stop to the east on the east-west line).If you have any question about transportation to Arai Station, please feel free to ask us!We will meet at the station outside the ticket gates. Then we will tour the 3.11 Memorial Center and head to Arahama by public bus. After Arahama we will return to Arai to end the tour and optionally have lunch at Moroya Farm Kitchen.
=====What's Included in your ticket======
- Guide/English interpreter
=====What's NOT included======
- Transportation costs (please bring IC card or 480 yen roundtrip for transport between Arai and Arahama)
- Lunch (please pay the restaurant directly if you want to stay and have lunch)=====What to Bring======
- As we will outside for part of the tour, a hat or sunglasses is recommended, or umbrella for rainy day

・『震災遺構 仙台市立荒浜小学校』
・「祈りの塔」慰霊碑・東日本大震災慰霊之塔 荒浜慈聖観音
会場: 荒浜周辺所用時間: 約3時間20分定員: 8名※最少催行人数1名参加費: 2,120円対象: 日本人・外国人
集合場所: 地下鉄東西線 荒井駅 改札前
09:50 荒井駅改札前集合10:13 バスで旧荒浜小学校へ10:20 語り部さんと合流、旧荒浜小学校校舎内見学11:20 慰霊碑・深沼海岸へ移動、語り部さんから説明を受けながら見学12:29 バスで荒井駅へ移動、せんだい3.11メモリアル交流館へ12:45 見学終了13:10 もろやファームキッチン案内、解散
旧荒浜小学校〜荒井駅市営バス代金 (大人片道: 240円)

日曜日, 23. 6月 2019, Sendai 3/11 Memorial Community Center, Tsunami and Recovery Tours to Sendai's Coast 6/23 震災を学ぶツアー