The Global Future of Work: A Japanese Perspective, BLINK Roppongi- BLINK SMART WORKSPACE, 3-1-6 Motoazabu,, 土曜日, 27. 7月 2019

Rapid shifts in global demographics, the importance of design, technology and the coordination of work are driving a revolution in business. This program is invaluable for managers looking to understand and interpret these forces, gain consumer and client insight, and develop a future-proof mindset to apply in the Japanese context.
We spend a third of our lives at work, and the design of work and the workplace has a significant influence on our performance and wellbeing. As the landscape of work continues to change rapidly, nations compete to innovate, and organisations compete to attract and retain top talent, these issues are increasingly topical. How will these changes influence the way organisations operate and what does the future of work in Japan look like?
Join Dr Libby Sander & Ben Hayden - Smith as they discuss:

The key strategic challenges facing Japanese leaders in a future world.

How to build effective and sustainable leadership capability and capacity within your own national and institutional context.

Leading transformational change at an organisational and system level – identifying and nurturing the change makers.

Innovation in Japan – the changing approach.

Abenomics ‘Society 5.0’ – how we can use innovation to address key challenges facing Japan.

The role of place and space in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Trends in smart devices in the workplace and the impact of AI and data monitoring on the workplace.

Distributed work and how this is changing the landscape of cities, real estate and policy.

How companies are using experience design to attract and retain talent.

Changing patterns of work and the effects of contingent work and the sharing economy.

The masterclass will offer a personalised experience where attendees will have the opportunity to work through real-life problems using an experiential learning approach.
Participants will leave with practical ideas they can use to enhance their leadership and implement in their workplace for immediate results.  
Date | Saturday 27 July 2019
Time | 10am - 1pm
Location | BLINK Roppongi- BLINK SMART WORKSPACE, 3-1-6 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Cost | General ticket: AUD$300 (Approx ¥25,000)
           Alumni: AUD $150 (Approx ¥12,500)
After the event Bond University will present you with a certificate for successful completion of Bond Business School’s Future of Work: A Japanese Perspective Masterclass.

土曜日, 27. 7月 2019, BLINK Roppongi- BLINK SMART WORKSPACE, 3-1-6 Motoazabu,, The Global Future of Work: A Japanese Perspective