The Brainshift Online: Manifest Thursday Vocal Energy Activation SeriesTok, Tokyo, 木曜日, 18. 4月 2019

The Brainshift Online: Manifest Thursday Vocal Energy Activation Series

Turn your mid-week hump day into a spring board for action and intention with more energy, clarity, and fulfillment.
In these weekly classes I will guide you in simple mind-body and vocal sound techniques to increase your energy, improve your state of mind and enhance your respiratory system. The practices I am sharing with you are based in ancient wisdom traditions and modern neuroscience and have been the key to creating the fulfillment I have very day.
Participants in Vocal Energy Activation report:
"feeling good again""incredible level of clarity""feel more positive"
"more focused intention""sense of purpose"
"more relaxed"
"expert guidance"
For the class:

Be in a quiet, comfortable sacred space for the class where you can sit, stand or lie down and feel free to make sound. 
During the class no one else will hear you so you can express your vocal energy in total privacy.
Dress in comfy clothing with nothing tight around your waist or chest.

The benefits of The Brainshift: Vocal Energy Activation* include clearing stuck energy from thoughts, emotions and trauma, increasing vitality and health, discovering intuitive clarity, increasing confidence to take action and enhancing self-acceptance and compassion.
Once you register you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the online event.
It is still the beginning of the new year. Time to take action to align your inner and outer world to experience more energy, clarity and fulfillment.
I look forward to seeing you soon to Manifest the Best 2019 together!
Teresa Durga
*Vocal Energy Activation is a musical-vocal dynamic meditation technique that does not require any experience with music or singing

木曜日, 18. 4月 2019, Tokyo, The Brainshift Online: Manifest Thursday Vocal Energy Activation SeriesTok