The 50-1th Morning English Discussion Workshop at Osaka Umeda @ KANDAI MeRISE ~Let’s Discuss a news article of The Japan Times, Kansai University Umeda Campus 2F, 木曜日, 23. 5月 2019

Tursday, 23 May 2019
Workshop 7:30a.m.-8:30a.m.
Networking 8:30a.m.-9:30a.m.
Startup Cafe Osaka, Kansai University Umeda Campus 2F
【What's The Morning English Discussion Workshop with the Japan Times?】
It is a one-hour community-type English language learning programme which is created by the Japan Times. In this programme,, participants will "learn" "read" "talk" and "discuss about the latest news article from The Japan Times in English. By doing so, participants will learn English expressions related to the latest news articles of the Japan Times that represent "Japan’s Now". The articles used in the workshop are published by The Japan Times every Tuesday in the LIFE - LAUNGAGE section of MORNING ENGLISH.
【The Morning English Discussion Workshop at Osaka Umeda @ KANDAI MeRISE using news articles of The Japan Times】
The Morning English Discussion Workshop at Osaka Umeda @ KANDAI MeRISE started in March 2017, The workshops have been held at STARTUP CAFÉ OSAKA, a salon for young entrepreneurs under 30s.   STARTUP CAFÉ OSAKA is jointly operated by Kansai University and Kansai TSUTAYA Corporation. The Morning English Discussion Workshop at Osaka Umeda @ KANDAI MeRISE is the first discussion workshop using The Japan Tiimes’ programme in Kansai/
Basically the workshop is held twice a month. The 2nd and 4th Thursday Morning.
【Timetable for Workshop and Networking Meeting】
1)      Workshop: from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
A new type of English language learning programme where you can meet various friends with a cup of coffee, read articles on The Japan Times, and learn how to express various words of timely topics in English and discussion skills.
2)      Networking: After the workshop (8:30 ~)
In a relaxed atmosphere, participants meet new people and exchange ideas and information about business and study.
【Participants】 Anybody who can read a English news paper and speak about it in English.
【Desired level of proficiency of English】
A person can at least speak everyday English. The workshop is designed for those who have more than 400 score of TOEIC. However, preparation is required.
1,000 yen with a cup of coffee. For students, it costs just 500 yen (To be paid in cash at the venue. Please have a thousand-yen note or a 500 yen coin. Do not give us 10,000 yen or 5,000 yen notes!)
A copy of The Japan Times issued on Tuesday, 14th May 2019 (1 copy ¥ 210 – a copy of The New York Times also comes with a free). The Japan Times is sold at major train stations, convenience stores, major bookstores, Asahi Shimbun distributors, and hotels. Sales outlets are searchable from HP of The Japan Times Plus: . The electronic version of the article is published in the Monday evening of 13th May 2019. To find the electronic version of Morning English articles, go to The Japan Times. Jump to Home → Menu → Life → Language → Morning English and select the article you want to read.
※ Past copies of the Japan Times cannot be ordered at bookstores. There are some major bookstores that will reserve a copy of the Japan Times if you contact them on the date of issue. Please contact your local Asahi Shimbun distributor for a backdated copy of the Japan Times. You can also read 80 The Japan Times articles a month by subscribing to the Digital Lite Plan (monthly ¥ 900 / $ 9 ) .
【If you want to know more about the Workshop】
Please refer to the explanation page on "Morning English Meeting" of The Japan Times .

Religious and other solicitation is prohibited.
If you are absent without prior cancellation or notification, we may decline your application in the future.
Leader: Kuniko Shibata, PhD
Global Agenda : Kobe Research Centre for Global Society
Tel: (050) 5899-5753
Mobile Phone: (080) 4563-2007
e-mail :
【Themes of the past & future workshops】
We have created blog page for the Morning English Discussion Workshop at Osaka Umeda @ KANDAI MeRISE. The blog Introduces Japanese and English articles related to the theme of the next "Morning English Discussion Workshop at Osaka Umeda". The contents of the past and future workshops are also detailed. You are able to learn the backgrounds of the workshops’ themes and relevant English vocabularies if you read the blog page before joining the workshop.

木曜日, 23. 5月 2019, Kansai University Umeda Campus 2F, The 50-1th Morning English Discussion Workshop at Osaka Umeda @ KANDAI MeRISE ~Let’s Discuss a news article of The Japan Times