16. 9月 2017 - 15:00

Sunshine Festival 2017, Kamo-gun, 土曜日, 16. 9月 2017

09/16(Sat) - 09/18(Mon,祝)
Gate Open 09/16 TBA
Music Start 09/16 TBA
Music End 09/18 TBA


-Limited 600people-
*Advanced Ticket

*Ticket at the Gate

▼Ticket link▼

詳細ページの「TICKET ORDER」ボタンをクリックしていただき「Contact」フォームより[イベント名][購入枚数][郵送先住所(日本国内のみ)]を「MESSAGE」欄に明記の上お申し込みください。追って振込先をお知らせいたします。


指定受信アドレス : grasshopperrecords88@gmail.com

■Parking Fee
*車一台に1-3人 / ¥2000
*4人以上 / ¥1000


★Advance tickets are limited to 600.
There are no gate tickets after the Advance ticket is sold out ,so please make sure you get the Advance ticket to come to Sunshine Festival !!
We will check the full name who bought the Advance ticket at the entrance.

▼Ticket link▼

■Parking Fee
*1 to 3 people / 2000 yen per car
*more than 4 people / 1000 yen per car

■Garbage Disposal Fee
500 yen per garbage bag.
Please buy at least 3 garbage bag at the entrance. You can leave the garbage at the venue by using that bag.
※No bins allowed

★☆★Line up★☆★

▼ International Decoration Artist ▼
◆ Artescape (ZA)

▼ International VJ / Video Mapping ▼
◆ Afterlife(ZA)★日本初プレイ

▼ International Artists ▼
◆ Vertical Mode(HOMmega Productions / IL)

◆ Magik(Nano Records / UK)★日本初プレイ

◆ Yestermorrow(Iono-Music / PT)★日本初プレイ

◆ Braindrop(Occulta Records / IN)★日本初プレイ

▼ International DJs ▼
◆ DJ Dala(Nano Record / ZA)

◆ DJ Daroom(Quantum Digits Records / MA)

◆ DJ Digoa(Zero 1 Music / SP)

◆ DJ KynEthik(24/7 Records / IT)★日本初プレイ

◆ DJ Prefix(PsynOpticz Records / ZA)★日本初プレイ

◆ DJ Raoul(Maharetta Records / Blue Hour Sounds / DE)

▼ Domestic Artists ▼
◆ Cylon(Grasshopper Records)

◆ Groovebox(Grasshopper Records)

◆ Sun69(Blacklite Records)

▼ Domestic DJs ▼
◆ DJ Daijiro(Digitalblock)

◆ DJ Disc Junkey(Grasshopper Records)

◆ DJ Hashi(Sunshine Festival)

◆ DJ Hatta(Grasshopper Records)

◆ DJ Hayato(Brain Busters)

◆ DJ Hisa(Good Vibes / Overdrive)

◆ DJ HO-C (Wing Makers / UG.J&SYSTEM )

◆ DJ Iry(Grasshopper Records)

◆ DJ Jun(eaton / natural smile / ニッショウハウジングナイト)


◆ DJ Mog(Uroboros records / Wing Makers)

◆ DJ SATORU♀(陰陽蔡 / DOOFING PARK / Wing Makers)

◆ DJ Take(Sunshine Festival / Occulta Records)

◆ DJ Yohei(24/7 Records)

◆ DJ Yumii(ZENZEN / Frequency Agent)

◆ DJ Yuya(Antu Records / Overdrive)

▼ Belly Dance ▼
◆ Harakhti[Juno , Shizuka]
◆ Juno(ユノー / Harir Oriental Studio HPha)

◆ Shizuka 

▼ Hoop Dance ▼
◆ Uko(Hooper Looper)

▼ Fire Performance ▼
◆ 八咫烏

▼ Live Painting ▼
◆ Jonathan West / Skywalker

▼ Sound System ▼
◆ ASADA (Air Lab)

▼ Photographer ▼


・9/16 Gate Open (TBA)前の入場はお断りさせていただいております。

★Important Guidelines★
By purchasing the tickets and participating in the event, we assume your understanding and compliance on the following conditions:
1) The gate to the festival will open on 9/16 (Sat). Prior entrance will not be permitted.
2) Children under the age of 12 (accompanying an *****) will not be charged an entrance fee. Those without proper identification may be denied entrance.
3)You will be allowed to build one tarp and tent per group at the designated campsite. Due to the limitation of campsite space, please connect your tent and tarp.
4) You will not be able to drive to the campsite. Please unload your car at the parking space.
5)Open fire type campfire is not permitted. Please use a portable fire pit.
6)Only the registered vendors will be allowed to use electricity at the site. The use will not be open to public and will also not allow generators on the site.
7)The event will proceed rain or shine. We will not reimburse your money due to the cancellation of part or entire event for typhoon, earthquake or other unforeseeable causes.
8)Please do not (DUI) drive under the influence when you approach or exit the premise. Drive safely and be mindful to neighboring houses near the venue. Please, please DO NOT blast your music with your windows open.
9)This is a peaceful event. Please DO NOT bring weapons and other illegal substances. Please get high on music, people, and ambience. Celebrate life!
10)We cannot be held responsible for accidents and the loss of your personal belongings. Get to know your neighbors and lookout for each other. Never leave your valuables unattended.
11)You may be asked to leave if you don’t comply with the rules or stop your obnoxious behavior. Let’s bring a lot of love and smiles to the dance floor!

◆By car from Tokyo: (estimated travel time 3h30m)
Get on Tomei (Tokyo-Nagoya) Expressway from Tokyo Inter Change (IC). Whether you take the new route or the old route, it doesn’t make much difference. The exit on the old route is Numazu exit and Nagaizumi-Numazu exit for the new route, which will connect with Izu-Jukan Freeway. Take that until the very end and various parts are still under construction, so it may be confusing but that should lead you to Route 136. Drive on that route for about 40km (45min) and you will find Route 59 at Hamabashi traffic light (if you can see a supermarket Aoki you are on the right track and good to do some last minute shopping), and turn left into Route 59. Around 3km, you will find a sign to turn left for Auto Camp Ginga and drive up the mountain for another 4km until you see the entrance of our festival.

◆By car from Nagoya & Osaka: (estimated travel time from Nagoya 4h20m & Osaka 6h20m) Head for the Tomei Expressway and get off at either Numazu or Nagaizumi Numazu. The rest is the same as above.

◆By train from Tokyo: estimated travel time 3h30m)
Depending on the time of day and the train connection, there are various ways to get to Ginga but the most common route will be to get the bullet train from Shinagawa to Atami station. Get on Izukyu train and take the limited express to the final destination, Izukyu-Shimoda. (around 6,500 yen for bullet and limited) Take a cab and travel for an hour to Ginga. The cabby will probably not know where it is, so make sure you carry the address of the venue with you. If you are traveling during the day, without the added night expense, you could expect 14000 yen, one way, so find 2~3 other soul mates to share the damage and find nice people at the venue to take you back.

Address (Auto Camp Ginga: Shizuoka-Ken, Kamogun, Nishiizucho, Isshikihachinodan 1986-1) If the driver can’t find it in his navigation system with the above address, he may be able to find it with the telephone number which is 0558-52-2861.

Getting to Shinagawa station from Narita Airport by train: (estimated travel time 1h45m)

Get on the Keisei train and head for Nippori. Change to JR Yamanote or Keihintohoku to Shinagawa (around 1700 yen)

If you could spend double that price, getting on the Limousine Bus to Shinagawa station is easy. (80~110min 3100yen)

Getting to Shinagawa station from Haneda Airport by train: (25 min)

Get on the Keikyu line and head for Shinagawa (around 400 yen). Very simple.

オートキャンプ 銀河

土曜日, 16. 9月 2017, Kamo-gun, Sunshine Festival 2017