S P A C E | Tokyo, Tokyo, 土曜日, 23. 3月 2019

DK’s Atelier S P A C E will pop up in Tokyo.
Make zines. Read zines. Take zines home.
Wordsmiths, artists, writers, designers, freelancers, illustrators and others who. make things that move us through the art of Art: this is for you. A miniature conversation salon, plus zinemaking atelier, for just a handful of us. Connect, converse, and share what you are making, too. We’ll have zines on hand to show and sell, too, that we are making on the road. S P A.C E | Kyoto, 'One Moment Cafe,' for example. It's both in English and in Japanese. 
What to expect. A short workshop. Readings from zines created at past Atelier S P A C E events. Time to browse the collection and read zines we’ve made in: Sheffield, London, Phnom Penh, and Oulu. You'll have a chance to make-and-take a freshly co-created zine home with you, too.
Where: *Secret location*. RSVP or ask questions through the form at this page for more details. 
One-time only event.

土曜日, 23. 3月 2019, Tokyo, S P A C E | Tokyo