Prayer for 1998 Afghanistan Earthquake (Afghanistan, 1998), At your place anywhere in the world at 12:00 noon (Or any time of the day) , 日曜日, 04. 2月 2018

We are going to pray for 1998 Afghanistan Earthquake on Sunday, February 4.

On February 4, 1998, Afghanistan Earthquake occurred in northern Afghanistan in the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border region. According to the estimates by the Taliban government in Kabul, 3,230 people died in the earthquake.
The anti-Taliban Afghan Embassy in Dushanbe asserted that approximately 15,000 people became homeless and dozens of villages were destroyed. Nearly 15,000 houses were destroyed primarily due to the landslides triggered by the quake. Approximately 10,000 people were injured and 6,725 livestock were killed in the earthquake.

On Sunday, February 4, we would like to pray for all the victims of the great earthquake in Afghanistan and for the world peace on the earth.
● Please join us in our prayer from 12:00 noon for 3 minutes.
● In case unavailable to pray from 12:00 noon, anytime of the day when it works for you.
● It would be highly appreciated if you could invite your friends to this event.
This project is designed to purify the Earth concurrently with worldwide views.
When we pray from our heart with much love and gratitude to the Earth, a Golden Mist rises from us which would heal the Earth and opens up the path for the Earth to shift up to the higher dimension.
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Project Golden Apple

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Feb 04: Afghanistan Earthquake (Afghanistan, 1998)
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日曜日, 04. 2月 2018, At your place anywhere in the world at 12:00 noon (Or any time of the day) , Prayer for 1998 Afghanistan Earthquake (Afghanistan, 1998)