PINOT PALOOZA (ピノパルーザ): Osaka 2019, Dojima River Forum, 日曜日, 26. 5月 2019

世界規模のワイン祭りが…初めて東京にやって来る!?REVEL Globalプレゼンツ―――「ピノパルーザTOKYO」
The world’s favourite wine festival comes to OSAKA for the very first time! REVEL Global presents PINOT PALOOZA !
Pinot Palooza is a wine festival that celebrates Pinot Noir. Some of the best Pinot Noir winemakers and importers from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, America and France (plus more!) will be at the event, pouring free samples of their wines for you to taste. You can taste as many wines as you like, and we’ll even give you a wonderful wine glass (valued at ¥2500) that you can use to taste from, and it’s yours to keep at the end of the event.
In total, there will be around 100 different Pinot Noirs at Pinot Palooza. By having them all in one place, and giving you as many free samples as you want, you can taste a range of different styles and find out which ones you like the best. Awesome!
Book now and pay just ¥4500! Ticket price includes all wine tastings plus a EPIC wine glass. Don’t miss out on Pinot Palooza Osaka!

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
Yes please. As alcohol is at the event, you must be over 18 to attend. Please bring a valid form of identification with you on the day just to be sure (Passport or driving license).
Are children permitted at the event?
This is always a tough one. Whilst the answer is a non discriminatory ‘yes’, our events are often very busy, loud and a little hectic so not an ideal place for little people. We suggest getting a baby sitter and having the day off. We’ll bring the wine.
Will tickets be available on the door?
Only if there are any available. But more often than not, ‘no’ as the events sell out prior. We cap numbers to ensure everyone has a great time and it’s not too crazy as we want you coming back. We strongly suggest buying tickets prior to ensure you don’t miss out.
Is there a refund policy?
Refunds are available on all tickets up to 30 prior to the event. After that date, no dice. If after that time, it’s always good to check on the event facebook pages as often people are looking to purchase ones if the event is sold out.
I haven’t received my ticket? What do I do?
An automated email is sent upon purchasing tickets. If you don’t receive it, it could be for a couple of reasons. Firstly, check the spam folder as sometimes they get stuck there. Other times, when in a rush to purchase (!), some accidentally enter their email address incorrectly. If that’s the case, drop us an email and we’ll search and resend. But all good, you’ll be in our system.
Do I need to print the tickets.
It’s always easier, yes. But, even better is the eventbrite app which keeps them all on your phone. We’ll scan you in when you arrive.
Tasting, not drinking!
We like to think of these events as a tasting, not a drinking as we want you to experience as many different wine styles on offer. Creating a safe, welcoming and non-intimidating event environment is what we’re all about so any inappropriate behaviour, of an intoxicated nature or not, that is dangerous to yourself and or others, is just not acceptable.
We have a strict ‘no tolerance’ policy so if we witness any of the above, we reserve the right to take appropriate action and have you removed from the venue.
I’ve got a couple of other random questions, what should I do?
Easy. Drop us an email at japan@ we’ll get right back to you.
What's the refund policy?
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日曜日, 26. 5月 2019, Dojima River Forum, PINOT PALOOZA (ピノパルーザ): Osaka 2019