Party @ LuxuryClub With NiceRooftop-Free For Foreigners (Say Neel's Meetup), PlusTokyo 12F, 金曜日, 26. 4月 2019

Party @ Luxury Club With Nice Rooftop - Free For Foreigners
Everyone(Foreigners and Japanese) register at the reception at PLUS TOKYO at 12th floor of Kirarito Bldg and say "Neel's Meetup"



When:Every 2nd and 4th Friday of each month 
9:00pm-11:30 pm, you may wish to stay till late.

Directions and map
Ginza Chuo-ku 1-8-19 Tokyo 12F/RF

About the venue PLUS TOKYO

You’re basically guaranteed to find the scene that suits your fancy in the lounge — there is one main room with luxurious and comfortable tables and couches sporadically strewn about, a pink room “for the ladies,” two standing bars, a craft Japanese liqueur bar, a members’ lounge and a vast rooftop, which boasts views of both Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree (on opposite ends). Tokyo's largest music lounge in Ginza located on the top floor and rooftop of Kirarito Ginza,
Experience a different kind of Ginza

About the meetup
You will get the chance to meet quality people, while having fun the old school way – face2face.
We have arranged FREE ENTRANCE specially for the foreigners so come along and enjoy one of the newest clubs in Ginza meet other singles or non-singles and enjoy the atmosphere,music and chatting.
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Hot International Meetup in Ginza Free for Foreigners
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Who should join this MEETUPMost people join our meetup group with the hope and/or expectation of meeting people with similar likes or interests, and to hopefully make a good friend or two from the and mapGinza Chuo-ku 1-8-19 Tokyo 12F/RFhttps:// Code:Smart casual or evening , #tokyo, #freemeetup #foreigners #ginza #plustokyoMEETUP FEE(Everyone register at the reception and say "Neel's Meetup")Specially arranged FREE Entrance for all man 2000 with 1 drinkJapanese woman 1000 with 1 drink

金曜日, 26. 4月 2019, PlusTokyo 12F, Party @ LuxuryClub With NiceRooftop-Free For Foreigners (Say Neel's Meetup)