Outdoor Morning Yoga Lesson that Awakens Your Body and Soul 朝日を浴びながらモーニングヨガレッスン, Sendai Royal Park Hotel, 月曜日, 01. 4月 2019

Sendai Royal Park Hotel's yoga lesson is held throughout the year; at our garden filled with fresh greens from April until October and inside our hotel while enjoying the changing seasonal scenery outside the window from November until March. Relax, exhale, and inhale. Try different poses slowly to refresh your body and soul. This program is highly recommended for all people regardless of their past experience.
Ticket includes 1 mineral water, and use of a rental yoga mat and a face towelNotes* Instruction will be in Japanese* Minimum # of particpants: 2* From Nov.- Mar. the event will be held indoors in a room overlooking the garden
開放的なガーデンで、清々しい空気を感じながら無理のないポーズで、一日のエネルギーをチャージ。初心者の方も大歓迎です。ミネラルウォーター1本、レンタルヨガマット、レンタルフェイスタオル無料※11月~3月はガーデンが見える宴会場での開催となります。お日にちによって別会場になる場合がございます。※ 未成年不可※ガーデン開催期間、悪天候時は室内開催になる場合がございます

月曜日, 01. 4月 2019, Sendai Royal Park Hotel, Outdoor Morning Yoga Lesson that Awakens Your Body and Soul 朝日を浴びながらモーニングヨガレッスン