Medical Japan 2019 Osaka, INTEX Osaka, 水曜日, 20. 2月 2019

What is Medical Japan?
It is the largest B to B Trade Show Covering All the Products/Services/Technologies in the Healthcare Industry!

Medical Japan consists of 6 specialized shows:

Medical Devices & Hospital Equipment
Hospital BPO Services
Medical IT
Elderly Care & Nursing
Community Care
Medical Device Development

Why Exhibit / Why Visit ?
World's 3rd largest market with huge number of medical facilities
Huge Amount of Imported Medical Devices = JPY 1,424 Billion (USD 13.6 Billion)
Japan’s national strategy to nurture the medical industry
The hub of the Japanese medical market = Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara and Tokyo)

水曜日, 20. 2月 2019, INTEX Osaka, Medical Japan 2019 Osaka