ITU Tokyo 2020 Talent Identification, 日本, 土曜日, 01. 8月 2020

*** Taekwondo is primarily a kicking sport, with many kicks practiced in other martial arts. It is now proven that other martial artists can successfully transition to ***, succeed and become Olympic Medallists.

The Irish Taekwondo Union would like to identify martial artists, and receive recommendations from Coaches for their athletes that may have what it takes to participate in our sport, and compliment your own in a mutually beneficial manner.
If you think you fit this criteria and would like to get involved, contact us for further information.

Athletes must have been born in between 1988—2002. Athletes must be at an advanced level with proven success in their own martial art. Athletes must have permission from their own clubs / association structures to attend any ITU designated gatherings. Minors must have permission from parents.

Athletes / Coaches please join this page for future updates.
Anyone who knows someone who may be interested - please share / tag them.

Please Contact for an application form if interested.

土曜日, 01. 8月 2020, 日本, ITU Tokyo 2020 Talent Identification

Olimpíadas em Tokyo 2020: eu vou!

Olimpíadas em Tokyo 2020: eu vou!

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