Intro to Gluu - Osaka, WeWork Namba SkyO, 火曜日, 23. 4月 2019

Learn how organizations and DIYers around the world are using Gluu’s free open source software (FOSS) for identity and access management (IAM) to increase security and deliver frictionless, identity-aware user experiences across web and mobile applications.
Course Topics

Intro to Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Components of an identity service
Identity standards
Why use free open source software?
Overview of Gluu Server features and additional products
Strategies for integrating web and mobile apps
Strategies for synchronizing users from existing data sources
Overview of two-factor authentication (2FA)

Course Details
Relevant Role: General interest Learning Method: In personRelevant Products: Gluu ServerDuration: 3 hours
Additional Notes

Training will be held at WeWork Namba SkyO
Minimum four (4) confirmed attendees for this training to proceed. 

火曜日, 23. 4月 2019, WeWork Namba SkyO, Intro to Gluu - Osaka

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