In the Shadow of the Rocket: the Space Program in Japan 1940-1990, Tokyo Academics, 木曜日, 17. 10月 2019

In the Shadow of the Rocket: Launches, Locals, and Learning to Love the Space Program in Japan 1940-1990
Though not well known, Japan's space program is one of the world's most sophisticated—after all, this is the only country in the world to send a probe to an asteroid, make it pick up some dust, and then bring the whole thing back to Earth. For those of us who watch these exploits on TV, Japanese technology seems sleek, beautiful, impressive. But to the people who live next door to JAXA's facilities, they can be a noisy, smelly, disturbing menace. TA's own Subo Wijeyeratne has been studying the experiences of people who lived and live near rocket launch sites and other space facilities for seven years—and will share some of his original finding in a free public lecture on Thursday, October 17th. What's it like to have rockets launch from just beyond your back garden? How did one Ladies' Association ensure Japan had a launch facility? And how did a bunch of fish halt Japan's space program in its tracks for three full years? Come and find out!
Location: Tokyo Academics, 4th FloorDate/Time: Thursday, October 17th, 7:00-9:00 PM

木曜日, 17. 10月 2019, Tokyo Academics, In the Shadow of the Rocket: the Space Program in Japan 1940-1990