Growing in Asia: How to survive local disruption while going global - Tokyo, AP Tokyo Marunouchi, 水曜日, 31. 7月 2019

Asia has always been entrepreneurial. Commerce, business and taking risks have been the hallmarks of the region. Innovative startups in Asia are redesigning the entrepreneurial playing field. They’re bending boundaries, breaking with conservative limits and pushing their industries further than ever before.

However, as these startups begin to scale, local, traditional industries see their markets erode. These local industries need to aim their focus at new disruptive ideas to remain relevant in the current market. However, for many of them, it’s hard to change their ways, especially against more conservative approaches. Many industries won’t go digital until it’s too late. When that happens, panic takes over and becomes difficult to implement a strong, forward-thinking strategy.

The goal of the masterclass is to give a broad overview of entrepreneurship in the region, how it’s affecting traditional businesses and what strategies can be applied to both survive the local disruption and how to translate disruptive ideas to other large, global markets.  



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Alex Barrera

Alex is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the field. He's currently Founder & Chief Editor at The Aleph ( where he writes about disruptive technology and its consequences for business. He's also co-founder and editor at, the most important technology publication in Europe. Previously he's co-founded two startup accelerators in Europe and consulted with many others like Seedcamp or Techstars and is actively involved in some of the largest tech conferences in Europe. During his extensive career he’s worked with all kinds of startups in Singapore (Blockchain), China (Hardware), Thailand (startup ecosystem) and Japan (innovation). He's a professor of innovation at IE Business School and a guest lecturer at UCLA Anderson and UC Berkeley.

水曜日, 31. 7月 2019, AP Tokyo Marunouchi, Growing in Asia: How to survive local disruption while going global - Tokyo