GDF Community Roundtable - Tokyo, Otemachi Building 4th floor, 金曜日, 30. 8月 2019

Global Digital Finance and Coinbase invite you to join us for lunch followed by a Community Roundtable discussion focused on key crypto and digital asset industry themes:

Market Integrity 

Global Standards & Best Practices for Compliance & AML

Custody & Safekeeping

We're delighted to welcome the following guest presenters who will be sharing their expertise and insights:

Coinbase, GDF Advisory Council Member 

Malcolm Wright, Chief Compliance Officer at Diginex and Co-Chair of GDF's AML Working Group

Chen Arad, Chief Marketing Officer at Solidus Labs and Co-Chair of GDF's Market Integrity Working Group

金曜日, 30. 8月 2019, Otemachi Building 4th floor, GDF Community Roundtable - Tokyo