Distance Challenge Swim Relay Online Registration (Relay Date 17 Aug 2019), Camp Foster 50M Pool, 木曜日, 15. 8月 2019

Relay Date: Saturday, 17 August 2019Location: Foster Aquatic Center
Schedule:0715 Check-in & warm-up0750 Brief0805 Event Start1005 Event End1015 Closing/Awards
Overview:The Distance Challenge Swim Relay is a 2-hour swim relay conducted by a team of four swimmers. Each swimmer will swim 400 meters at a time in a predetermined order. The order of swimmers will repeat for the duration of two hours. The goal is to cover the most distance within the two hour time limit.
Divisions:All Male (0:4)All Female (4:0)Mixed 2:2Mixed 1:3Mixed 3:1
Age Groups:Cumulative age (the sum of all four swimmers’ ages)59 & Under60-99100-119120-159160-199200 & Older
Registration:Participants can register in person at the Foster Aquatic Center or online at Eventbrite.com. Online registration will end on 15 Aug at 2300 and walk-in registration will end on the day of the event at 0745. Registration will end earlier if maximum capacity is reached. The event is limited to the first 20 teams to register.
AwardsRibbons and certificates will be awarded to the top eight finishing teams within each division and age-group.
Rules• Swimmers must start in the water with one hand on the wall.• Swimmers must touch the wall, with any part of their body, before turning around.• Swimmers are permitted to use any means of forward motion without the use of swimming aids.• Swimmers must complete 400 meters each time they swim. Swimmers may not swim more or less than the standard 400 meters.• Swimmers must swim in the same order throughout the event.

木曜日, 15. 8月 2019, Camp Foster 50M Pool, Distance Challenge Swim Relay Online Registration (Relay Date 17 Aug 2019)