Direct Network Japan, basement Cafe, 火曜日, 23. 7月 2019

Here are the common problems of meetups and networking events for professionals:

Too many speeches, too much of sales

Networking is scarce, short or non-existent

Participants cannot bring value to each other

These event series are aimed to tackle these problems. 
At the Direct Network you will be only networking; no speeches, no ads. Participants are carefully chosen from the following pools:

Aspiring expat professionals


Corporate decision-makers

This one is simple: from 7 pm to 8 pm every Wednesday it starts with networking and it ends with networking. 
Benefits of Attending

Help with flat search

Job referrals


Co-founder matching

Talent and job match

Establish lasting friendships

Tickets are payable at the door and include one non-alcoholic drink. All further drink and food orders are at normal rates depending on the venue.

火曜日, 23. 7月 2019, basement Cafe, Direct Network Japan