Digital Mastermind Tokyo ft Kolor Branding Camp Tokyo, Plugg and Play Shibuya, 日曜日, 04. 8月 2019

The first of its kind to ever take place in Tokyo, Affluent Solution Group will host the first annual ASG global marketing conference: Digital Mastermind. Master marketers, expert content creators and media strategists from around the world, with specialties ranging from brand development to consumer engagement, will gather for this unique opportunity to participate in cultural and business exchange unparalleled.
The carefully curated itinerary includes local market excursions, ASG brainstorming sessions Thinktank 0.0 ® and much more… all designed to awaken all five senses and elevate your experience beyond keyboards and clicks! Attendees will walk away with a refined ability to utilize relevant content for target marketing and create a cohesive brand/ business development plan.
1. Content Marketing
            * Blogging fundamentals
            * How to increase conversions
            * Landing pages
            * Developing CRM 
2. Social Media & Influencer Marketing (SMM) or (SMMA)
            * Automation services
            * Affiliate and influencer marketing 101
            * YouTube, Facebook, IG, LinkedIn and other platforms in the market
            * AI and algorithms on how they relate to strategy
3. Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)
            * How to secure a space on the first page of common search engines
            * Indexing/ SERP
            * Google business listings and reviews
            * General rules of back linking
            * How to conduct an efficient online audit report

日曜日, 04. 8月 2019, Plugg and Play Shibuya, Digital Mastermind Tokyo ft Kolor Branding Camp Tokyo