Cross-Cultural Training, how to adapt to the others in Asia? Tokyo Session., ibis Tokyo Shinjuku, 火曜日, 12. 11月 2019

Leading a Team, or Working as a Team-Member in an intercultural context is never an easy challenge. This Seminar aims at helping Foreigners or Local People to learn how to adapt to different culture(s), or to people coming from different backgrounds.
A team with better understanding is performing better, as they face less conflicts, less misunderstanding, and stop to expect the others to be like them. If you want your team to perform beyond expectation, you need this training.
To avoid cliches and stereotypes, this 2 days seminar will focus first on a deep understanding of what inter-culturality is, not by using opinions, but using a metric approach, initiated by Geert Hofstede, and his approach of Cultural Dimensions. Some additional authors will be used to illustrate and define cultures. On a second part, we will be defining each and every personality type of the persons attending the training, thanks to the MBTI®, to help them understanding better their own communication and how to adapt it to their current or future environment.

Detailed program
Day 1 - 9:00-12:15 / 13:30-17:00

Expectations of the attendees
What does "Culture" means, what is it made of?
Awareness of Cultural Differences: communication and cross-cultural communication
Beliefs & Stereotypes
Levels of Culture - Shein
Layers of Culture - Hofstede
Low and High levels of Cultures


The six dimensions of Culture
How about you? Profiles comparisons (from the questionnaire)
Who adapts to who?

Day 2: 9:00-12:15 / 13:30-17:00

MBTI Theory of types
Questionnaire feedback and validation
Team dynamics, the MBTI approach
Type and communication


The Map, Bridge and Integrate Approach for Intercultural Teams
Best Practices
Self-awareness and self-consciousness
Establishing your own action plan
The virtuous circle


Academic inputs,
Proven methodologies (no opinion, no chit-chat) to support and documents the course
Individual and groups exercises

Venue and Organization
 Venue may change with a prior notice of 2 weeks, not further than 5 kilometers.
This seminar includes:

A welcoming morning coffee and two coffee breaks with finger foods buffet.
A 2 courses light lunch, served with non-alcoholic beverages (choices will be sent to you after registration)

Please note:
This seminar requires a minimum of 4 attendees. In case of less people attending, you will be offered to transfer your seat to a next is bending, there is no refund, except exceptional case, examined and agreed by the French ask your receipts (if needed) in advance, which will be issued by the French Headquarters.

火曜日, 12. 11月 2019, ibis Tokyo Shinjuku, Cross-Cultural Training, how to adapt to the others in Asia? Tokyo Session.