ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION アサーティブコミュニケーション(言いにくいことを伝える) , CAMP FOSTER, 火曜日, 21. 5月 2019

Teamwork is an essential factor for organizational growth. Multicultural companies comprised of different cultures and nationalities benefit from further understanding and increased efforts to establish teamwork. The outcome is mutual understanding and smooth cooperation. 
DESCRIPTION: The Assertive Communication workshop is designed to help participants better communicate their message in an effective way. Participants will complete activities that focuses on:
- Strategies to effectively build a consensus based on contributions of team members
- Understanding assertive communication
- Increasing the quality of communication through listening skills and tools for describing/expressing/specifying messages.

火曜日, 21. 5月 2019, CAMP FOSTER, ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION アサーティブコミュニケーション(言いにくいことを伝える)