ALL ABOUT SUBSIDY ~ GET PREPARED FOR 2019~, 日本, 火曜日, 12. 2月 2019

Learn what's all about subsidy programs in Japan, and preview what'll be in FY2019!

About this Event

Did you know that there are over 3,000 subsidy programs in all over Japan?
Knowing the information is the first step to accelerate your business. Make use of all the benefits that the Government of Japan and local government are providing.

◆DATE : February 12th (TUE) 6:30-8:00PM (Lecture start at 7PM)◆PLACE : The Executive Centre (Celurean Tower Shibuya)◆TICKET : FREE of charge
【Time Schedule】18:30 : Opening19:00 : Introducing about TEC/TOSBEC19:10 : Start the lecture20:15 : Q&A20:15-20 : Survey20:20 : Closing
※ This lecture will be only in English.
If you are interested in join the lecture, please feel free to contact receptionists.

火曜日, 12. 2月 2019, 日本, ALL ABOUT SUBSIDY ~ GET PREPARED FOR 2019~