2020: A Shiga Reunion for the Ages, 日本, 金曜日, 07. 8月 2020

Little did IOC President Jacque Rogge know, as Tokyo escaped from his lips, that the moment was the genesis for perhaps the greatest reunion in the history of civilization. The IOC's decision was the nudge of the proverbial pitagora switch ball that has led me to pen this note to you, my Shiga brethren and sistren.

a round number, full of a worldwide event happening just down the road. What better time to have this reunion of a lifetime?

The Plan: Invite ALL Shiga Ex-Ex-Pats back home. 1 Week out of the rest of your lives. That is all I ask for this. The tentative schedule would be August 7th ~ August 15th.

I'm giving you nearly 7 years to plan this trip. NOTIFY YOUR DOG SITTER NOW! I don't want to hear any excuses as to why you couldn't come. THIS IS HAPPENING! How do I know? Because if it's just me lonelily barbecuing a burger at Hokoen Park in Nagahama, I will be there. But it won't just be me. It will be you too. Because that pulling on your heartstrings? That's your hometown nestled under Mt. Hiei in the heartland of Japan calling you back to where you belong. That sound that echoes in your head at night? The irresistible call of the sirens of Lake Biwa.

Yes. You will come back. To hear the sound of silence broken by a faraway train crossing and a rumbling along the tracks. To hear the sound of lonesome waves lapping against Biwako's shore under the moonlight. Old haunts will become haunted again. Stories will flow quicker than the sake that entices them to come out. This isn't a 5 year reunion. This isn't a 10 year reunion. This is a reunion of a lifetime. A chance for wonderful people who crossed paths to briefly let those paths intertwine one more time. To relive some of the best moments of our lives. We will Barbecue in Nagahama one more time. We'll reserve nearly an entire beer garden for ourselves. We will sail across the lake on the mighty Michigan.

Spread this message. As I have already stated, THIS IS HAPPENING. We will create an online headquarters, be it merely a Facebook Group, or some other website that is yet to be contrived. 7 Years. Start putting your pennies, shillings, and rubles in a jar. Notify your employers you can't be bothered for a certain nostalgia-filled week in the summer of 2020.

We all have something special, something momentous, something bigger than ourselves to attend. I have nothing if I don't have my wonderful memories with all of you. I'm grateful of the past, and I'm making sure this happens because I don't want to just look back on those memories...I want to look forward to them as well. If you want amazing moments in life to happen, you've got to make them happen yourself. I'll see you in 2020.

Watch this and just try to resist the power of Shiga.

金曜日, 07. 8月 2020, 日本, 2020: A Shiga Reunion for the Ages