2-day Intensive Printing for Japanese Woodblock Workshop in Tokyo, Tokyo 23 Wards, 土曜日, 18. 5月 2019

¥36,000 + Eventbrite fee (Early-bird price) Until March 31
¥39,000 + Eventbrite fee (regular price)
Special 2-day Intensive Carving for Japanese Woodblock Workshop
May 18-19, 2019 (Sat - Sun)
Max 12 people
This spring learn Japanese woodblock printmaking skills in depth with a two-part workshop over two workshop can be taken separately or together as a whole.
In the second workshop we will show you paper preparation, sizing, handling, basic and advanced printing techinques.
You'll learn with Motoharu Asaka, one of the last traditionally trained woodblock carvers at the highest level of the profession. Asaka began his apprenticeship in Kyoto aged 17, and studied for 17 years before becoming fully independent as a professional carver. He later studied printing with his associate Hishimura for 11 years before starting a woodblock workshop for ordinary (non-apprenticed) students, the first of its kind led by a practicing artisan at this level.
English translation and co-teaching will be provided Louise Rouse, Adjunct Professor in the art program at Temple University, Japan, who has worked together with Asaka producing workshops around the world with him since 2015.

This schedule is subject to slight alteration.

Day 1
We'll begin with a simple printing exercise to give you a first idea of where we are headed.
Crucial to printmaking, we'll explain and practice paper sizing and dampening.
Video - Paper Houses by Louise Rouse

Day 2
Using the paper you prepared, we will work on basic printing techniques. If you are taking this workshop together with the carving workshop, you can begin to print your own blocks.
Part way through the afternoon we will demonstrate and practice advanced printing techniques including the many traditional gradient techniques.


All tools and materials needed to do the workshop
2 sheets of cheap machine-made paper, 5 sheets of high quality paper.
Vegetarian lunch

Not included:

Any tools you want to keep, please purchase at the end of the workshop

Any fancy paper or materials you wish to purchase, please purchase separately

* Please Note
* Cancellations up to 1 month before will receive a refund
* This course requires 50% occupancy by April 10 to run the course. In the case that 50% occupancy cannot be completed by this date, the course may be cancelled or run at a different location.
* The workshop will be held within the 23 wards of central Tokyo, precise location TBC.

土曜日, 18. 5月 2019, Tokyo 23 Wards, 2-day Intensive Printing for Japanese Woodblock Workshop in Tokyo